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Nokia Morph


Have you thought about a phone that can take any shape you want?
You can use as a bracelet, or any other object Handsfree own easy to store?
No one but you will come to believe Nokia will release such a phone, it is true a few years but will do!
It is one of the highest mobile phone technology, specifically using nanotechnology.
As I tell people at Nokia in a video demonstrations are animated about phone features:
-10,000 transistor = hair of a bite
-Nanotechnology can control the physical properties of nanostructures with a precision of one molecule
-Morph help noticing everything around you
-Morph can detect the chemical combinations of air 04_Morph_Wrist_Mode_lowres
-Contains nanograss (in translation mot-mot-to nano-grass) that absorbs solar energy and thus will see your
-Surface is the quote: “superhydrophobic”-it makes the phone a “rejection” of poverty-phone will rid itself
-Modeling-nano-scale structure of this phone offers an impressive modeling
-Power to “folding”
-Transparent-nano-electronics circuits become invisible to the human eye
3D-buttons-buttons are 3d in the true sense of cuvantului.Suprafata take shape depending on the context.
-A phone that can be …. Worn …
Too good to be true?
It seems I had the same reaction as you …
Find it all here. Including a video.

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Summer song

Only sitting on a bench,
in a late evening sunset
alone, with tears in eyes …
and empty soul.

I saw you in the shadow of silence
you have spoken in secret whispering
you open your heart in an instant
with smiling eyes.

Last ray of sun
lost in the endless
first to smooth,
what you gave her.

Song of the summer night
a fine breeze of wind
I give you full heart
and all that holiest of my life.

Day … night with you in mind
and dawn found me crying
and any whisper of your eyes
Now I learned that i love.

Today there’s nothing of what was
and without you life is pointless
and I want so much,
You can see …

I would give anything … now to be mine …

Last ray of sun
lost in the endless
first to smooth
what you gave.

Song of the summer night
a fine breeze of wind
I gave me heart full
and one’s holiest…

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I also received another challenge … which means that all items in November will be only in English, so I wish you one ‘appetizing’  reading.;)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Urban Challenge>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Video News

The most amusing thing that I had the opportunity to see it on You Tube. Another site has ‘led’ on the keyhole.


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Another day

Another day, another love,

Another dream, another hope;

How do I know: what is in your soul?


You broke my dreams, you broke my life

But now I have to say goodbye

Give me a reason to think a while

Because everything is past and I was losed the time.


I want to find myself again

And to start a new life from the begining

Finely I realised all my mistakes

And I’ll give myself another chance.

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