Two words…

Two words … nothing else

Letter to my child

I find me in everything

Including in you

My sweet and beloved ’child’.


So I’ll try to write a letter for you

In which I’l try to describe myself

From the begining to the end.


So, my child , It’s difficult

To get near your heart

If you don’t get me a chance.


I’m suffering when I see you

And you ignore me

Without no reason.


My heart belongs to you

So no one can break this ”wall”

Which is built of pure love.


The main ideea is you know that

But you never try to get me a chance

And the question is: why?


So near of this letter,

I’ll send a ’rosebone’

To see if you continue to ignore me.


In the end…

The hope is the last one who die

But… the man die first.


So I’ll say you goodbye…


27, 10 , 2009 - Posted by | Poezii

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