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Two words … nothing else

Nokia Morph


Have you thought about a phone that can take any shape you want?
You can use as a bracelet, or any other object Handsfree own easy to store?
No one but you will come to believe Nokia will release such a phone, it is true a few years but will do!
It is one of the highest mobile phone technology, specifically using nanotechnology.
As I tell people at Nokia in a video demonstrations are animated about phone features:
-10,000 transistor = hair of a bite
-Nanotechnology can control the physical properties of nanostructures with a precision of one molecule
-Morph help noticing everything around you
-Morph can detect the chemical combinations of air 04_Morph_Wrist_Mode_lowres
-Contains nanograss (in translation mot-mot-to nano-grass) that absorbs solar energy and thus will see your
-Surface is the quote: “superhydrophobic”-it makes the phone a “rejection” of poverty-phone will rid itself
-Modeling-nano-scale structure of this phone offers an impressive modeling
-Power to “folding”
-Transparent-nano-electronics circuits become invisible to the human eye
3D-buttons-buttons are 3d in the true sense of cuvantului.Suprafata take shape depending on the context.
-A phone that can be …. Worn …
Too good to be true?
It seems I had the same reaction as you …
Find it all here. Including a video.

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