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Two words … nothing else

Saw 6…

I just saw the first showing at my local movie complex and let me say it was outstanding. Since Saw 3 I have always walked out the movie feeling satisfied but at the same time let down, let me tell you, this is not the case with Saw 6.

The story is compelling, original and really pulls you in for the whole ride. The traps are great, the gore is at the right level (not in your face, but enough to make anyone look away at times) and the writing and acting was the best I have since in a Saw film in a very long time. This is everything we wanted Saw 5 to be and more.

We were all let down by Saw 5 and believe me as a huge fan of the Saw series I was nervous going to see this, I knew if they did not pull it off the series would be as good as dead. However they did pull it off and how! I wont spoil anything but this film is a must see, definitely one of the best Saw’s and an ending which will leave you satisfied. The twists don’t match up to saw 1 or 2 but I don’t think thats possible considering how much information and mini twists have been revealed since then.

Get and see this film! You will not regret it.


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Ideeas are like sperm…

In the last times I had been having a lot of ideeas, but I can’t succed to put all in practice and from this reason I can confirm that “Ideeas are like sperm, only a few made it…”. It’s sad but true so I decide to quit at some of my ideeas and from this reason I will be often found in different places doing some freak things… So don’t disturb me anymore if I’m “busy”.

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The “Elf” Project

As you said 2 days ago, I started working at filmultetul with elves, we decided to appoint THE “ELF” … do not know why I chose this name, nor the topic, but important is that some of you will find in this project, others will recognize the main character and blah blah; I will leave the discussions to show the project itself, which  is the result of 2 days of vacancy.

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One laptop… with 2 screens?

A very interesting concept really – two screens in the one laptop. This laptop (the Kohjinsha DZ series) packs two screens, one that slides out from underneath the other one, both 10.1″ panels and both with 1024×600 resolutions. The laptop also comes with a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo processor, DDR 1Gb  and an ATI HD 3200 for graphics as well as a HDD 160 Gb .

The laptop has a 4-5 hour stated battery life, but we all know that these are wrong and with the dual screens and overall small size of the laptop we’ll probably be seeing far less life.

Here you will find more info’s.


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A new beginning

I start to work on my next project: The “Elf”…

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