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GRUB Restore

imagesThis article is specially written for Leo, who asked me how to restore a grub, so enjoy it…

You can re- install grub directly on live cd.
Boot the live-cd and masquerade as the terminal:
sudo grub

Then you will appear prompt grub> _ and put the command
find / boot/grub/stage1

This will give you a location that should one use the following command (which is basically saying you installed grub)
root (hd?,?)

If you had the location (hd0, 3) then the write command:
root (hd0, 3)

Then start the installation:
setup (hd0, 3)

if you want to install on the partition page or
setup (hd0)

if you want to install on first partition and default to rewrite the MBR (recommended option)

If you install GRUB to MBR should go first to reboot.

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