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AMD Bulldozer

Bulldozer is the following architecture from AMD, K11 if you want, scheduled for 2011. And although we have enough time by then, AMDamd is trying to keep the interest of putting information and plans about the process. For example there will exist and a desktop platform which will be called Scorpius.

It will be composed of up to eight processor cores, codenamed Zambia, and 890FX or 890GX northbridge with SB850 southbridge. However, chipsets arrive until mid 2010, and will be used by existing sites and Deneb still nelansatele hex core sites Thuban. Zambezi will be realized in 32 nm process technology, will have 8 MB L3 cache, and will require a new revision of the CPU socket AM3, a sort of AM3 +, most likely backward compatible with current revision. And the memory controller will officially work with DDR3 to 1866 MHz.

There is promised a new technology, called Boost Technology EPA but still unexplained. We speculate that would be equivalent to how Turbo Core i5 and i7. Also in 2011 will most probably see a different southbridge, the SB850 will replace website. But if the Bulldozer will be available from the very beginning we can not know. This chip will be required for any AMD will not support USB 3.0 in 2010 and SB850.

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