Two words…

Two words … nothing else


This week I had a small escape the emoticon means freedom and here I refer to the freestyle sites all over the place and everywhere met …

First phase

I noticed that Romanians do not really give their interest in reading in English and if it comes to technology, or both …

Second phase

I had the opportunity to hear radio’s Radio BZI words like “pussy”, “dick” and see how their stutter MC at maximum rates

Phase Three

I began to see people who have put their life on one hand when they put the guitar and sang like a J. Satriani

Phase four

Piercing became fashionable …wtf?… 4 days  2 piercings… crazy world

Phase five

The world has made a step toward what stupid emoticon: 2 days ago I read a section of musical dedications which was something like: Alex: I love you more Alesia, corn me; replica of Alesia: Thanks a lot of dedication Alex, we meet less Later in my bedroom … Until then the next song you listen (was something from Pittbull)

Phase six

2 boys 1 girl … I love you Eugene, I’d give your life for you and sorry that I cheated last night with your best friend, many kisses

Phase Seven

Follow Iris band concert in Iasi. So do not laugh of Minculescu the corners and if you have the courage to laugh in his face (you have the opportunity Monday). P.S. can you stay without a head?

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