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Ubuntu 9.10 …What it’s giving to us?

Email & IMimages
Tell friends and colleagues through Empathy program, which integrates: Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL, QQ, and more. Evolution gives you access to email, a calendar and a calendar and works very well with colleagues or friends who use MS Outlook.ubuntu-910-email-and-chat

Surfing on Internet
Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox 3.5 for faster and safer navigation.
To select other free browsers, visit our preferred browser software and choose

Copy from cameras or phones using F-Spot.
Manage, tag, share and sort your photos.
Easily upload your favorite social networks or sharing web services, including: Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, and more.

Music and Video
Connect a PSP, iPod, MP3 player and use Rythmbox to download,
store, to buy and play music.
Share playlists with your friends.
Go directly Rythmbox to play music.
Download and play movies on YouTube, the BBC and other websites.

Office applications
Create professional documents, calculations and tabular presentations with 3.0.ubuntu-910-office is compatible with all office applications, including Microsoft Office.
The big difference is that and is free.

Over 400 games completely free and very interesting. Solitaire is not the only game in town.
Access Center software to discover and install games.

Store, sync and share
Integrated Technology “Ubuntu One” gives you 2 GB free online storage staţiu.
Easily share computer files with friends.
If you need more space, it can be obtained at a lower price.

Software Center
Instant access to hundreds of free applications and free
Categories include: Education, Games, Sound & Video, Graphics,
Software and Office.
Just choose the application you want to use it, and the Center will install a computer software
No CDs, no license, no headaches.

In the Ubuntu philosophy lies the conviction that people should have access to computers, regardless of circumstances. Ubuntu is one of the most accessible operating system
and is fully translated into 23 languages, many others are currently completing.

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