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I9 CPU [‘Gulftown’]

There is a piece of time before they appear on the market and faces Intel Core I9. 6-core CPU, known as “Gulftown”, is made in 32nm process and is based on architecture from Intel Westmere … for this chip Intel will release and the LGA 1366 socket.

But while the performances of the Core I9 are similar to the Nehalem processors, used alone or in dual core gaming operation such as, Windows start-up, but let’s not forget that this process will be the x264 architecture, which puts him and in front of the 3DMark Vantage performance.

It is speculated that this process will occur somewhere in the market during 2010 and will be very cheap (glumeam. .. will be so damn expensive) and will become the best CPU ever made


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What has hapens to this place?

What has hapens to this place?

I don’t recognise anymore

It was so fun and special

But now isn’t anymore…



The trees are dead

The land is gone

It’s hole in my heart

And I can’t go…


That was our land

Our dream…

But they keep coming

And coming.


There is no place

For me to set anymore

I’m arounded of freaks

Which will continue to come.


Priorities, I must to change it

God I ask you please

To get them all from here

And to be like at  the begining.

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