Two words…

Two words … nothing else


Am dat ocazia unui copil

sa ma cunoasca,

dar m-am trezit

peste fata, c-o troasca…

Vremea voastra scumpi copii

s-a terminat,

e vremea pentru ceva

mai adevarat…

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What has hapens to this place?

What has hapens to this place?

I don’t recognise anymore

It was so fun and special

But now isn’t anymore…



The trees are dead

The land is gone

It’s hole in my heart

And I can’t go…


That was our land

Our dream…

But they keep coming

And coming.


There is no place

For me to set anymore

I’m arounded of freaks

Which will continue to come.


Priorities, I must to change it

God I ask you please

To get them all from here

And to be like at  the begining.

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Summer song

Only sitting on a bench,
in a late evening sunset
alone, with tears in eyes …
and empty soul.

I saw you in the shadow of silence
you have spoken in secret whispering
you open your heart in an instant
with smiling eyes.

Last ray of sun
lost in the endless
first to smooth,
what you gave her.

Song of the summer night
a fine breeze of wind
I give you full heart
and all that holiest of my life.

Day … night with you in mind
and dawn found me crying
and any whisper of your eyes
Now I learned that i love.

Today there’s nothing of what was
and without you life is pointless
and I want so much,
You can see …

I would give anything … now to be mine …

Last ray of sun
lost in the endless
first to smooth
what you gave.

Song of the summer night
a fine breeze of wind
I gave me heart full
and one’s holiest…

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Another day

Another day, another love,

Another dream, another hope;

How do I know: what is in your soul?


You broke my dreams, you broke my life

But now I have to say goodbye

Give me a reason to think a while

Because everything is past and I was losed the time.


I want to find myself again

And to start a new life from the begining

Finely I realised all my mistakes

And I’ll give myself another chance.

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Doar o singura lume

Gandul ne desparte

Si nu-ti sim atingerea

Mi se face dor de tine

Si-mi aduc aminte de zilele,

Cand sub o singura lume

Noi ne tineam de mana

Si cum ne mangaiam,

Dragostea mea…

Cand in juru-mi privesc

Vad doar o singura lume

Si cu cei bun sa ramana-n ea.

Doar intr-o singura lume

Iubirea cere pacea planetara

Si dragoste nemasurata;

… Avem o singura lume.

De maine nu voi mai trai

In a basmului lume

Iar noi nu o sa mai fim precum copii,

Si soarele, cu fiecare vis

Va fi tot mai aproape.

Eu nu voi putea sa mai visez

La miracolul suprem…

Te astept sa vii.

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