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Windows 8

According to Microsoft’s official Sitel in the next year they will begin work on assembling a new OS which will be known as Windows 8… which means that during 2011 we will enjoy this product, which according to work plan from Microsoft must appear in Ultimate version by 2012.

Intel shows off 48-core processor

Intel is already showing off the next generation in multi-core processors.

This new processor, the experimental 48-core Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC), codenamed “Rock Creek”, packs an impressive 1.3 billion transistors onto a single 45nm die, sucks less power than the i9 at 125W and is designed for parallel computation; specifically gesture control.

The bonus to this new chip is that it can run standard x86 applications, an improvement over its 80-core predecessor which couldn’t. No doubt we’ll here more about massive multi-core CPUs in the future.

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The “Elf” Project

As you said 2 days ago, I started working at filmultetul with elves, we decided to appoint THE “ELF” … do not know why I chose this name, nor the topic, but important is that some of you will find in this project, others will recognize the main character and blah blah; I will leave the discussions to show the project itself, which  is the result of 2 days of vacancy.

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One laptop… with 2 screens?

A very interesting concept really – two screens in the one laptop. This laptop (the Kohjinsha DZ series) packs two screens, one that slides out from underneath the other one, both 10.1″ panels and both with 1024×600 resolutions. The laptop also comes with a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo processor, DDR 1Gb  and an ATI HD 3200 for graphics as well as a HDD 160 Gb .

The laptop has a 4-5 hour stated battery life, but we all know that these are wrong and with the dual screens and overall small size of the laptop we’ll probably be seeing far less life.

Here you will find more info’s.


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ASUS P6X58D with USB 3.0

And with the advent motherboard ASUS P6X58D will debut  and USB 3.0 … But until then you can say: this motherboard is designed for I7 processors from Intel.

One other features on the board includes support for 24Gb (just 24) of DDR3 via six slots, 3 PCIe 16x slots for your graphic card extension, 2 SATA 2 ports of 6Gps plus USB 3.0, CPU Socket: LGA 1366 for Bloomfield CPU (I7 CPU) … The motherboard is avaible for purchasing it for $ 310 (U.S.) via Newegg.

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I9 CPU [‘Gulftown’]

There is a piece of time before they appear on the market and faces Intel Core I9. 6-core CPU, known as “Gulftown”, is made in 32nm process and is based on architecture from Intel Westmere … for this chip Intel will release and the LGA 1366 socket.

But while the performances of the Core I9 are similar to the Nehalem processors, used alone or in dual core gaming operation such as, Windows start-up, but let’s not forget that this process will be the x264 architecture, which puts him and in front of the 3DMark Vantage performance.

It is speculated that this process will occur somewhere in the market during 2010 and will be very cheap (glumeam. .. will be so damn expensive) and will become the best CPU ever made

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